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Used Mitsubishi BT2-850SD Manufatured in 2014

Ayanokoji Susumu

■Model Name BT2-850SD(Manufactured in 2014)

■Maximum plate cylinder rotation speed
 B4: 850rpm (464m/min.)
 B5: 800rpm (437m/min.)

■Print cylinder size B size、Half-Width
 Printing cylinder format Double-circumferential

■Standard number of cooling cylinders 3 pieces

■Printing paper
 High-quality paper, medium-quality paper,newspaper,
 coated paper, semi-coated paper

■Standard folder Double-width combination folding machine
 B4 4 pages/8 pages ; B5 8 pages/16 page

■Plate cylinder circumference 546mm

■Cut off 546mm

■Blanket torso circumference 1,092mm

■Maximum print size 536×870mm

■Compatible paper
 basis weight 40-130g/m 2 (40-105g/m 2 on page B5-16 )

If you have any interset on it please leave me a message.

Tel 081 080-9203-8805

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